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To place an order, you must provide your personal information, prescription details, doctor’s contact information, shipping and billing address, and payment details.

Your personal information includes your name and contact number. Provide us with your contact lens brand and its type. Specify the number of contact lenses you want to order, and provide us with your eye care professional name and contact number; this information will be needed to verify your prescription.

Provide us with your shipping and billing details. Shipping address includes your name, street address, city, state/province, zip code, and country.

 Also, provide us with the payment method you want to prefer for payment. The payment method can be online payment platforms, credit cards, or debit cards. Confirm the order with the card number, expiration date, security code, and billing name. 

While we processing your order you can track the status on this link. Once we ship it out, you will receive a DHL Express tracking status link. This status link helps you track the current status of your order, as well as its current location. With that, you will know when your order will be delivered to the address provided.

You can contact our customer support if you are still waiting for a DHL express link. Through our official form, Leo-optic.com/contact-us too, by providing your order number.

You can cancel the order before the package is shipped. That means if the courier company takes the package and it’s gone from our warehouse, it will now deliver it to your address. You can’t cancel the order at this stage because it has been taken from us and is on its way to its destination.


That only happens sometimes; the contact lens information you are providing us, and after cross-checking it with your eye care professional, we deliver it to you. So, it will only happen if you provide someone else prescription and order details. But if you receive a defective piece, and it’s confirmed that the lens was defective, we can get back to you and assist you the way you like.

If you receive a defective piece, and the defect happens before it is delivered to you, you have every right to return it to us and get a full refund or a new contact lens. Or if you receive an incorrect contact lens that does not match the type of lens you ordered, and it’s confirmed that it’s our fault, you can return it too.  You can return if you find a defect on the day you get them. 

Yes, we provide discounts on bulk orders. If you are placing half or full year deals contact lens order and want to see the discounts, navigate to our product page, and check the bulk discount. 


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