Our story

Revolutionizing Vision Awareness: LeO-Optic's Ascent

Transcending Borders and Boundaries to Bring Affordable, Quality Contact Lenses Direct to Your Doorstep

The Genesis of LeO-Optic: An Insight into Our Roots Derived from Everyday Struggles

Dana and Eli were strolling through a bustling marketplace in the heart of the Middle East, chatting about life’s ordinary trials. Dana adjusted her glasses and sighed, “I’d love to switch to contact lenses but the prices here are just too steep!” Eli nodded his agreement, “Absolutely, there’s a significant gap in the market. Shopping online is an option, yet there’s no retailer that genuinely focuses on our region and delivers promptly. It doesn’t help that we often have to compromise on price as well!”

Using this everyday conversation as a launching pad, that’s where our LeO-Optic journey begins. We identified the struggles faced by many like Dana and Eli – high prices of local contact lenses, the absence of dedicated online retailers focusing on the Middle East, and the long waits for international delivery. We asked ourselves, “Why shouldn’t people have access to affordable, quality contact lenses while enjoying swift, reliable delivery?”

LeO-Optic's Mission: Bridging Regions, Redefining Access to Global Contact Lens Markets

Inspired to bridge these gaps, our team decided to establish LeO-Optic, a European company with a vision to connect Europe to the Middle East. We wanted to make it possible for our customers to ‘buy global, like a local’, offering them the opportunity to access a broad range of contact lenses without facing exorbitant prices or long delivery periods.

Beyond Speedy Delivery: Commitment to Quality, Freshness, and Extended Shelf Life at LeO-Optic

At LeO-Optic, we don’t stop at providing fast shipping; we believe in adding genuine value to our customers’ experiences. When we say ‘extra freshness’, it doesn’t only refer to the feeling you get when you pop your new contacts in but also to the assurance that you’re receiving products with long expiration dates. You get to enjoy the thrill of unboxing new lenses and the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got time on your side.

Safety, Certification, and Exceptional Value - The LeO-Optic Promise to Its Customers

Ensuring our customers’ safety is our utmost priority. That’s why all of our products are CE and FDA certified. We’re committed to maintaining strict, international standards of hygiene, safety, and quality. Each pair of lenses we ship is a promise, a promise of clarity, comfort, and convenience. Speaking of promises, you must explore our yearly package deals, they offer the best value. Welcome to the LeO-Optic family – where you can expect nothing but the best!