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It’s always better to come up with the prescription provided by your doctor. But it’s not mandatory to place an order. You can place an order based on your previous contact parameters.

 Check your lens box, and provide us with the information required to place the order. Beware that you understand the prescription, or you can take our help, and our team can perform prescription verification.

Again, it would be best to have your prescription to place an order; the prescription can be found in your box. You must understand the prescription to choose the right parameters. If you need help understanding the prescription, we can help verify the prescription. You can share the prescription with us by email; check this email info@leo-optic.com.

Eyeglasses prescription and contact lenses are not the same. You can’t place a contact lens order on your eyeglass prescription. The power prescription strength of eyeglasses and contact lenses are different. Contact lenses sit directly in the eye, so the prescription differs from eyeglasses. The base curve and diameter measurements are not included in the eyeglasses prescription. 

Yes, you can, but it’s always recommended to have a check-up from your eye-care professional and buy contacts on the parameters prescribed by the professionals. It’s because visions change, and an outdated prescription will not provide the accurate vision correction needed, which leads to blurry vision.

Plus, the latest check-up and prescription will determine your eyes’ health and check any condition affecting your ability to wear contacts. Having the latest prescription before placing an order is best. But, if you want, you can buy contacts on your old prescription.

Yes, you can order contact lenses with different power for each eye. But it would help if you had a valid prescription from your eye care professional. Here you must follow the suggestions and recommendations of your eye care professional; he will guide you through buying the right contacts that meet your visual needs.

Although you are not required to provide us with a prescription if you are buying contacts for aesthetics purposes, still, you must take a prescription from an eye professional. A professional will check and analyze whether or not your eyes are healthy to wear contacts.

Contact lens sits in your eyes; a comprehensive eye examination is important to buy contacts that fit right on your eyes and for your eye’s health.

LeO-Optic sells top brands of products certified by regulatory authorities. If you buy contacts from another country, keep a few things in mind. Contact lens buying includes specific information, like parameters and measurements. These parameters may differ from brand to brand and country to country.

So you must buy the same product from the same brand. In that case, you must provide us with a prescription. If you need help understanding which brand or type to go with because you are buying it for the first time, our team can help; feel free to contact our customer support team.


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